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Selling your car to Novel Motors FAQ

1. Does Novel Motors accept trade-ins?

Yes, of course! Actually, we'll even buy your car regardless if you buy one from us.

2. Will you buy my car?

Yes we will, once you bring your car to Novel Motors, we'll appraise your car and give you a written estimate, and you're never under obligation to sell. And if you decide to sell, you don't need to buy from us if you don't want to.

3. Can I get my car appraised online or over the phone?

In order for us to determine the correct value of your car and give you a fair and honest price, you would have to bring it to Novel Motors for an appraisal. This way, we can test drive your car and inspect it.

4. What will happen to the cars Novel Motors purchases?

Even though we buy any car, only about one third of the cars are ever put for retail sale. Each car is first put through a very strict inspection in order to insure it is ready for sale to the public. The rest of the cars are put into an auction and sold to other dealers.

5. Will you guide me through the appraisal process?

We're glad you asked! Yes we will. We'll be more than happy to answer any questions you have, before, during or after the appraisal process. You can even watch as we appraise your car.

6. Why is your offer different than retail prices?

There are several reasons for this. Since there are costs associated with reconditioning, inspecting, and warrantying every used car we sell, we must purchase a car for a lesser amount than what we sell for. All cars we purchase, regardless of condition must pass an inspection and meet our retail standards.

7. What's the difference between a Novel Motors appraisal or another dealership?

Novel Motors will purchase your car, even if you don't buy one from us. Our written offer is good for seven days and will not change whether you buy one from us or not. We will make sure your offer is fair and honest. Our process is transplant and you have a professional to help you through the process.

8. Will regular maintenance/repairs change the offer?

Your vehicle's overall mechanical and physical condition will an impact on your appraisal. To get more information on how we determine these things, visit determining your offer.

9. Can aftermarket changes affect the value of my offer?

Depending on the type of modification on the car it can either raise or lower the value. It comes down to supply and demand that determines the desirability, and the condition of the car.

10. Can I sell a car I leased?

This depends on the leasing company, some allow you to sell before your contract is completed, and some not. In most cases, after we appraise your car, we will contact the leasing company for a payoff quote, we will process any equity you may have.

12. Can I sell the car I am currently financing?

Yes, after your appraisal, we will contact the company that is financing your loan and we will obtain a pay off quote. We will send them funds directly and receive ownership of the car. If there is equity, it will be processes.

13. What if I owe more than my car is appraised on?

In this case, we will need a cashier's check, cash, or credit card to settle the remaining balance. We will then send funds to the financing bank and receive ownership of the vehicle.

14. If I sell my car to Novel Motors, could I get it back?

No. All car sales to Novel Motors are final.

15. How do I receive my money if I decide to sell?

Once ownership is transferred, a check payable to the person on the title will receive a check which is ready for deposit immediately.